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Facts about Egg Donation The practice of egg donation has gained recognition all over the world and increased in popularity. The governments in various regions of the world have taken a more proactive approach to the whole industry. It is a costly and time-consuming process, but this has not stopped its growing demand. People who are past the normal child bearing age have shown more interest. It has given many a second chance at parenthood. As this practice becomes more accessible to more people, it is important to find out more information about the whole process. This is a process which enables a woman to conceive through an egg donated by another woman. It is classified under assisted reproduction treatment. This treatment involves in vitro fertilization technology, where the donated egg first gets fertilized in the lab, then put in the woman’s womb to get to term. Those who are ideal donors fall in the thirties age group. A few individuals above this age groups have been examined and approved to be donors. This age is the most optimum in terms of the donor’s health conditions. The prevalent health condition will be a major factor in determining the quality of life of the child. Women beyond their thirties begin to have ovulation vitality issues. This negatively their eggs’ desirability.
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The eggs contain the genetic qualities of the donor, which will be passed on to the child. Despite the many technological and genetic advancements, this reality has not yet been changed. This is something that all the recipients need to prepare for. Most human beings, especially male parents, wish to raise children who are a copy of them, and who will retain the least amount of resemblance to the donors. Parents who want to have kids this way will have to live with this fact. Science is unable to separate the qualities of the donors from the offspring.
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Parents can rejoice in the fact that a child develops in the parent’s womb, it will acquire the characteristics of the new parents. The time it shall spend in the womb, and the resultant child hood phase will ensure there are shared qualities all around. The kid will continue to exhibit the qualities of the donor in their life span. The end result will be a child who will bear the qualities of more than two parents. This is the best that can happen. There are many great benefits to this procedure, especially for disadvantaged couples. There are also many technical and genetic developing areas that will impact on the end result. When you are presented with such points as you consider this parenting procedure, think carefully about these issues.

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